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By: Antone Belcher
On: 2003-03-21
At: 18:42:42
Heat Exchanger and Pipeline cleaningScroll Up
AIMM Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 369
LaMarque, Texas USA 77568
Phone: 409-945-5414 Fax: 409-945-6022

Customer :
Equate Petrochemicals

Location :
Ahmadi, Kuwait

Cleaning fouled heat exchanger tubes

Production equip / unit:
(Polyethylene Unit)

Cycle Gas Cooler

2, 173 tubes

1" OD carbon steel

There was a noticeable film build up along the walls of the 60-foot length tubes that would cause material contamination and produce off spec product. The selling price for this product reduces from about $800.00 to $400.00 US Dollars per ton when off spec product is produced.

The client had spent over 2 months attempting to remove this film with various methods of conventional cleaning techniques. Several companies and methods were used to achieve the level of cleaning Equate had mandated acceptable. A combination of lancing tips was used with plunger pumping units ranging from 10,000 PSI to 36,000 PSI. Mechanical tools also failed to provide a satisfactory cleaning.

Equate Petrochemicals contacted AIMM Technologies to discuss the possibility of removing this film from the tubes via it’s patented HYDROKINETICS™ method.

Not only did AIMM Technologies HYDROKINETICS™ method remove the film build up along the walls of the tubes, it did so in an average of 1 minute per tube or less.

Equate Petrochemicals is very delighted with the results of the HYDROKINETICS™ method. Equate personnel estimated that AIMMTECH removed enough polymer to have contaminated more than 200 tons of product. Inquires from other operating units within the facility have been received as these units look for alternative ways to clean their process equipment.

To Find out more about Hydrokinetic and other cleaning applications visit our website at
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